Pennant, Saturday

Weekend Pennant Wrap – Finals continue

Reward for a long arduous season over the past week and the club has now won sectional flags, played off for one divisional flag already and still have more sectional and divisional flag finals to play.  It is, from what many can remember, the most successful year the Berwick Bowling Club has had in its 91 year proud history.

Huge thanks to all the members that headed out over the weekend to offer support to all of our sides that were engaged in matches in suburbs near and far. Your encouragement was a great support to all the players.

SIDE 1 Section Premiers

The 1’s finished on top of the ladder and as such earned the right to host the section semi-final on Saturday against 4th place Beaumaris.

The game started well for the Wickers on all rinks.  By the break, Berwick had all the momentum and there was a slight worry that the break may interrupt them and cost them in their biggest game of the year to date.  It wasn’t to be, the 1’s came out, put their foot on the pedal and continued to dominate the game and came away with a 28 shot overall win with the Josh McQueen rink dominating their Beaumaris opponents to set up the win.

J Horwood P.O’Day A Clements M Keel
A Bunnell E Wilson J Parker G Manifold
L Edwards D Bond P Hodgson L Ash
J Rich S Ellard E Mills J McQueen
Lost 15-26 Won 31-17 Lost 17-20 Won 32-10


The win on Saturday then set up a mouth-watering sectional grand final against Keysborough at Burden Park Bowls Club on Sunday.  Keysborough have tinkered with their rink set ups over the past few weeks so although it was 1 win each throughout the home & away season, we weren’t sure how the new set ups would match up against the Wickers 1’s in the grand final.

What a game it turned out to be!!!  Some of the bowls were of the highest standard and the lead changed hands on a few occasions before the break.  There was a bit of a nervous start across a few rinks and the Ellard rink was down well early against one of the states best female bowlers and her rink.

Rich’s rink got off to a great start and the rinks of Mills and McQueen had settled in for a tight tussle by the break.  We went in with a 3 shot overall lead and the tensions of a close game were evident.

With 5 ends to go, and an overall lead of 10, the Wickers looked to be home and through to next week’s Divisional Semi-Final.  BUT………in true grand final fashion there was another twist!  McQueen’s rink dropped a big number on their 2nd last end and with all four rinks on their last end Berwick had a 4 shot lead.  Again, some great bowls across the 4 rinks in the last breath but the wickers took 3 rinks to win the game by 8 overall and collect the Section Grand Final Premiership!

J Horwood P.O’Day A Clements M Keel
A Bunnell E Wilson J Parker G Manifold
L Edwards D Bond P Hodgson L Ash
J Rich S Ellard E Mills J McQueen
Won 23-16 Won 19-15 Lost 17-22 Won 21-19


The 1’s now play Fitroy at Alphington Bowls Club and one more win will see them progress to the Divisional Grand Final and more importantly, a place in the Victorian Premier League!  The biggest and best pennant competition in the state and not only is that a priveledge to be playing against some of the states, countries and even world’s best bowlers it is one of the hardest places to gain for any clubs.  It’s an amazing effort and one that should be congratulated and celebrated.  Well 1s and good luck this coming weekend.

The 1’s get the section win at Burden Park

SIDE 3 Section Premiers

As we know, the 3’s won their section Grand Final last week and this weekend progressed to the Divisional Knockout Final against Thornbury 1 at Ringwood Bowls Club on Saturday.  A win would see them advance to the Divisional quarter final at Burden Park Sunday.

They started well and took the lead early with all rinks going ok and going in to the break with a very narrow lead.  The return after the break saw the 3’s continue on until the business ends started.  They fought to the very end but Thornbury had a little more luck in the remaining ends to get their noses in front.  Although they went down overall on the day the side had a great game and fantastic season to win their section and continue to improve.

Such an awesome effort and the improvement and experience our bowlers received throughout the season continues to add to our depth and improvement as a club.

D Fitzpatrick M Nagle  J Weir  J Saunders
J Reddy  T Livingstone  L McCurran  A Thompson
C Jensen  B Anderson  K Mackie  R Benning
K Graeber  K Dalman  C Mills  C Fothergill
Won 27-20  Lost 23=13  Lost 16-19  Drew 16-16

Side 3 – Section Premiers Division 3

SIDE 7 Section Premiers

The 7’s were amazing this season and nearly pulled off a fantastic win on the weekend in their Divisional Semi-Final to win their way through to the following weekend.

We continued to receive messages throughout the day for those that weren’t there that the 7’s were narrowly in front and that continued to the break and again after.  When the game got to within the last 10 ends the 7’s lost the lead and the MCC side powered to the finish line and finished the game winning by 11 shots overall.

It was only the last 10 ends that the MCC side took over and what a fantastic effort the 7’s produced for the season.  It was a low scoring game and a great effort by all that played in the 7s this season.  A sectional grand final premiership to their name and only one win away from a spot in the Divisional Grand Final.  Fantastic effort!!!

C McLary R McIntyre J Young
K Fewster H Adair J Pearson
M Jorgensen L Keel P Adair
T Wood R McGrath A Reina
Lost 12-19 Lost 20-21 Lost 13-16


Side 7 – Section Premiers Division 7 Section 7

Next Weekend

With only the 1’s left in Weekend Pennant We have notched up 3 sectional premierships, 2 Divisional Semi finals and 2 Divisional Knockout Finals.  A huge effort and one that will go down in the history books no matter what this weekends results are.  Next week we will include information about all our Weekend, Midweek and Thursday Pennant side’s success..

The Club is organising a 48 seater coach to take the 17 players to Alphington on Saturday. More information will be out throughout the week but this will give an opportunity for 31 people to attend the game by travelling to and from on the bus.  Costs and information will be available asap.

Well done Wickers.  What a season!  Could it culminate in the ultimate success?