BCIB South East Super 6s – Round Three

Round 3 of the BCIB South East Super 6s tournament takes place tonight, Monday 22nd of April.

Super 6s – Pool A

The Dandenong boys in Pool A continued their solid run to sit on top of the table after last week’s matches. There are only 2 points separating the top three sides in Pool A. This week’s games will change the Pool A ladder.

Stevenson’s side from Dandenong Club takes on Azzopardi’s 3rd placed group tonight. 2nd placed Peterson’s crew take on Rich’s 5th placed team. Meanwhile 4th (O’Day) plays 8th (Guest) and 6th (Veenendaal) and 7th (Diaco) battle it out.

The Super 6s Pool A ladder is expected to look a little different by the end of tonight’s round of matches

Super 6’s – Pool B

Meanwhile in Pool B, the Pakenham side have opened up an early gap on rest of the field with two solid performances in the opening rounds. There’s not much space between the remaining 5 sides either.

Top side Pakenham meets 2nd side Fiesty Foxes. The Foxes need a win to close the gap that Pakenham has built. 3rd side (Upwey-Tecoma) plays 4th side (Parker) and Leitch V McKenzie is the remaining matchup.

The Pool B Super 6’s ladder could also look a bit different on Tuesday.

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