Our Monday night SOUTH EAST SUPER 6’s is a joint Tournament being run by Berwick and Dandenong Club in 2024, with the assistance of BCIB Insurance.

Following on from our inaugural season, the competition has expanded to include two venues and more sides.

POOL A (8 Teams)- will be playing this week at Berwick BC

POOL B (6 Teams) – will be playing this week at Dandy Club

Pools will alternate, each week between the venues.

Qualifying Rounds—8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th April. 6th, 13th, 20th May
Finals week 1 – May 27th (top 2 from each pool) (Berwick)
Finals week 2 – June 3rd (semi final winners to play off in final, losers play off for 3rd and 4th)
(Dandy Club)

  • Teams will alternate each week between Dandenong Club and Berwick Bowling Clubs.
    6 Players per side
  • 1 hr 20min time limit per game –
    • Game 1 – 3 Bowl Pairs (13 end max) & Fours (10 end
    • Game 2 – Triples & Triples (10 end max)
  • Scoring – 3 points per rink win throughout each night, 1.5 for any draws
    Game 2 also includes 5 extra points for the aggregate win of both sides for triples games only,
    2.5 for any draws
  • No dead ends. Jack re-spot on T.·
  • Place the Jack no rolling of Jack
  • $10 green fee per person per night
  • Prizemoney – 1st—$2000, 2nd—$1000, 3rd—$550, 4th—$450
  • Top 2 from each pool play finals weeks 1 & 2.
  • Players must play a minimum of 3 nights throughout qualifying rounds to play finals.
  • Dress – Mufti
  • Players can be substituted throughout games each night. Example— you can play 7 or 8
    players throughout each night if you wish.
Pool A - Round 2
Pool B - Round 2