Coaching at the BBC has just one aim and that’s to improve the skills of all members. We do this by:

Are you having an issue with any aspect of your game? Our coaches are here to assist you.

Please contact a coach, we are here to help.

New Bowlers

To arrange an introductory coaching session, contact Geoff or Cheryl Dawson on 0488 970 749

Individual Coaching

We can arrange for One-on-one sessions at any time so why not contact your preferred coach and set up a session.

Contact details are in the Club Handbook and the names of our coaches are listed down below, or you can email


Club Coaches

Coaching Coordinator – Peter Hodgson

Special Needs Coordinator – Les Herring

General Coaching Panel

These people make up the club coaching panel for the current season.

David Clarke Leslie Herring
Ken Graeber Jeffrey Janetzki
David Conrad* Andrew Johnson
Geoff Dawson* John Lillie
Cheryl Dawson* Graeme Manifold
Kay Crook* Jeff Parker

* Introductory Coach

Contact details are available in the club handbook.