Saturday Social Bowls

Saturday Social Bowls

Saturday bowls will run throughout Autumn and Winter of 2022.

While there is plenty of light and reasonable weather the games will run as follows.

Game will be 2 Bowl Triples

  • You should register on the form available on the slope. Please take your time and make sure that your entry is clearly written.
  • Please record Team entries in the top section of the form.
  • Single entries should be recorded on the bottom of the form.
  • if you need to change your entry please neatly draw a line through the original entry and make a new entry on a new line on the form.

Members are asked to arrive at 12.30 for 1:00pm start. We will try to accommodate entries on the day, but can’t guarantee that you’ll get a game if you’re not on the entry form.

We will play two (2) games each week.

The number of ends in each game may vary depending on the weather conditions on the day, our aim is to play 11 ends in the first game and 13 ends in the second. As Winter approaches this will likely change to 9 and 11 ends.

The second game will be Winners v Winners (two prizes) and Losers v Losers (one prize)

Prizes are as follows.

  • 1st prize goes to the team with two(2) wins and the highest number of shots up in the second game.
    In the event of two teams having the same number of shots up the number of ends won will determine first and second place. If that is also the same the two prizes will be shared.
  • 2nd prize to the team with two(2) wins and the next highest number of shots up in the second game.
  • 3rd prize to the team who lost their first game but has the highest number of shots up in the second game.

Please come and support our great club

If you can’t get to the club, team or single entries can be passed to Bruce Shearer on 0400 184 345, however we would ask that you contact Bruce only as a last resort.