Wednesday Social Bowls

Wednesday Two Bowl Nominated Triples

The Wednesday Social Bowls team is:

  • Graham Rushton
  • John Wonnacott
  • Ron Hird
  • Chris Jones
  • Peter Kirby
  • Annette Kirby

Please contact Graham 0412 749 230 or email at

Game Format

Nominated 2-Bowl Triples 3 X 9 Ends (or other as advised)

Smart Mufti attire

Winners are decided on Games Won, Shots Up, Ends Won, Shot %

  • Please make your weekly payment at the Main Southern Entry Door from 10:00am  with the game to start at 10:30
  • Skip or Team Contact Person to pay $30 in notes (no coin please)
    ($10 per player – $8 green fee + $2 special effort)
  • Skips are responsible for finding replacement players.
  • Last in first out if we have uneven teams or a team has to withdraw from the day’s play
  • Single entries are permitted but there is no certainty of getting a game.

Entries are required by 4:00 pm Tuesday, please use the entry system below