Green 2 Under Water 14 Oct 2021

Green Update Friday 15th of October

We were alerted on Thursday the 14th that there was flooding on greens 1 and 2 following significant rain overnight on Wednesday.

John Horwood, Darren Burns and others were on hand during the day and Council were contacted to assist.

Around 3:00pm a plumber was sent and the team set about pumping the excess water from Green 2.

Council is working with the club to diagnose the exact cause of the blockage to the drainage, as this appears to be the issue and will spend time on Friday and Saturday to locate the blockage and begin remediation work.

Here are some pictures of the greens with thanks to John Horwood.

Green 2 Under Water – Oct 14 2021

Corner of the Green

Green 2 – Oct 14 2021

Green 1 – Flood – Oct 14 2021