If you don’t already know, our little superstar AMITY BICKLEY has pulled off one of the great fightbacks by taking out the junior girls GOLDEN NUGGET at Tweed Heads yesterday.

Amity struggled early with the pace and line of the 17 second green and found herself after nearly an hour at 17 – 7 down!  She was starting to find the line but still after the next end was 20 – 8 down!  I’ve added a link to the live stream below so you can watch the comeback. 

The final 40mins of the game saw Amity start to claw her way back finding consistency on each end to continue to win the ends.  End after end she showed her composure, taking her time, talking to her coach between shots and executing well. 

Finally, she got to 20 – 18, she could have easily let the pressure get to her knowing she was possibly only an end away from winning or losing the Nugget.  Her second bowl of the last end gained shot sitting jack high and only a foot from the jack.  The third bowl promoting the shot closer to 4 inches away and possibly holding three and game.  Her last bowl, knowing a close one would hold game, drew within three feet and although it was not known who had third shot, she was actually holding game!  Her opposition player played a 2 yard through shot to miss the jack by millimeters and after a measure for third shot, AMITY BICKLEY became the 2023 Girls Golden Nugget Champion!

From the moment you started at Berwick BC Amity you have been a fantastic addition, always respectful, cheerful and would go out of your way to be a part of the club.  With a Singles Club Championship, Nugget Champion, State titles and National Titles, this year has seen you rise above and become one of the true junior champions of the state and nation.  We have been lucky to have you at the club and appreciate your support in showing your Berwick colours throughout your journey this year.
If you want to watch the comeback, copy and paste the following link into your web browser
and watch from about the 55 min mark.