Club Championship Conditions of Play


Conditions of Entry for Club Championships

 2023 – 2024

  1. All Championship events will be played in accordance with the Laws of Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Edition 3), the Domestic Regulations and the Rules for Competition in Victoria. Players need to be aware of the rules that will be strictly enforced regarding “late arrivals” and “Constituted players/teams”.
  2. The Championship Committee (the Controlling Body) reserves the right to amend the Conditions of Play as necessary.
  3. Club Championships are organized around the Bowls Vic and Eastern Ranges Events, so we have a tight schedule. Please check your availability before you enter.
  4. The Bowls Vic Heat Rule applies to all games. If the temperature reaches 36 degrees, play must stop. The game can be resumed when the temperature drops below that level, or at a time to be organized with the Championship Committee.
  5. Please note that only Regional and State Events take priority when entering Club Championships. Club Championships take priority over local or other club tournaments.
  6. All players are required to be in approved Berwick Bowling Club attire (Refer to dress code in the Handbook) for all Club Championship games except for Finals where only approved Berwick Bowling Club Pennant Uniform is permissible.
  7. Entries are accepted on completion of entry forms and acceptance of the published Conditions of Play
  8. Entries will not be accepted after the nominated closing date as per the published Schedule.
  9. The Entry Forms will be available approx.1 month before Entries Close. The Draw will be published approx. 10 days before the first round of an event.
  10. Please ensure that your form with your name accompanied by any entry fee if applicable is in an envelope and placed in the box located at the SE corner of the club house. The boxes are clearly labelled Club Championship event entries.
  11. SCHEDULE OF MATCHES – Completion Date
    1. All matches will be scheduled to be played on the date or as detailed on the Entry Form for that specific Event, but may be amended at the discretion of the Championship Committee if necessary to accommodate situations that may arise from time to time and/or other requirements of the Club and to accommodate the priority that must be given to Bowls Victoria and ERBA for their events (as per Clause 5 previously detailed in these COP).
    2. All matches scheduled to start in the evening will commence at 5pm. however to accommodate members who because of work commitments are unable to achieve that start time, those matches May commence no later than 6pm.but in all cases subject to agreement of all players with final decision by the Convenor.
  12. No player shall arrange to play their match beyond the date specified without the consent of the Championship Committee. Such consent shall only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  13. If you are a pennant player, please prioritize pennant practice. No matches are scheduled to conflict with scheduled Pennant practice times. Clearly Pennant practice is vital during the season and so we ask for your co-operation in these circumstances.
  14. SINGLES – Markers
    1. Markers for the First game in singles are to be arranged by the players first named in the match, Subsequent rounds will be ‘marked ‘by the player who lost to the player of the match first named in the subsequent round and it is the responsibility of the competing player first named to ensure that the Marker has been arranged. EXCEPTION, where the first named player has received a BYE in the previous round, then the Marker for the match between that player and the winner of the previous round shall be the losing player of the previous round.In the unlikely event that a Marker has not been obtained for a match, the player who has been assigned the responsibility of obtaining a Marker as per these Conditions (14) that player shall be disqualified, and the match awarded to the other player.
    2. It is a Condition of entry that losing players will ALWAYS make themselves available to act as Marker in subsequent games in order that participating players can ensure that a marker is available for their game. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the Championship Committee and the Club. For the Final of Club Championship Singles the Marker will be arranged by the Convenor of the Event.
  15. When playing a Championship Match, we will endeavour to keep a rink each side of your rink clear to minimise noise and interference. This will obviously depend on the greens and rinks available on the day. Players are permitted to play only on the rink that has been allocated by the Greens Director and in the direction that has been advised.
  16. Cards for all games will be available from the Convenors. Once a game is completed both players ( Skips for team games) and the marker (where applicable) must sign the card and return the card to the Convenor so the events sheet can be updated and cards issued for the next round.
  17. No player is to enter results on the Event Sheet
  18. Handicap Singles – Playing order
    1. All players must play in the order that is determined by the Players handicap. Therefor in handicap Pairs the Skip must be the player with the HIGHEST handicap.
  19. Substitutes: Refer to Bowls Australia “Domestic Regulations- 2. Game Anomalies” for rules in respect to Substitution of players in entered teams
  20. Visiting the Head:
    1. In Singles Matches players may only visit the head after delivering their 3rd. bowl.
    2. In Pairs Matches, the skip is the only player permitted to visit the head and then only once per end per team.
    3. In Fours Matches, the head may only be visited once per end per team, and only by EITHER the 3rd or Skip.
  21. For all matches time limits may apply
  22. There is to be no Coaching in club championship matches.
  23. Play is not permitted before the game on the green on which the Club Championship match has been scheduled. For Semi Finals and Final,
  24. Penalties for non- appearance or failing to act as ‘’marker.’’ Players failing to appear for a scheduled match, and / or in the case of the singles championship, being unwilling to undertake the position of a ‘’marker’’ where they have lost their previous match, and are without acceptable reason, will be subject to a penalty, which as a minimum will be exclusion from any other Club Championship event that season. The Championship Committee will determine the appropriate penalty.
  25. Minimum entries for event to proceed: For events played as singles, the event will require a minimum of 6 players, for events played in teams (pairs, triples, fours) the event will require a minimum of 4 teams.

Thank you for entering our Club Championships, enjoy the game and the best of luck to all entrants.

Championship Committee: