Nominate for Club Positions

Election Nominations Update – 19th April

The AGM is postponed…

…but nominations continue sought for by the 8th of May and we encourage anyone who has a passion for our sport and our club to nominate.

The process is a bit different this year

You must be financial to nominate for a position. Please send an email to the Returning Officer, Bill Stilo at with your desire to stand for any of the positions available. You must also arrange for your proposer and seconder to also send an email supporting your nomination.

All Board of Management positions have received nominations.
A number of Bowls Committee positions remain vacant at the time of writing.

Position Nominee(s)
Chair of the Board of Management Eddie Wilson
Vice Chair Barry Fisher **
Administration Officer Zelda Hodgson
Treasurer Helen Adair*
Facilities Chair John Horwood
Services Chair David Bond*
Funding Chair Michael Hodges*
Membership Chair Maxine Thompson
Bowls Chair John Rich
Bowls Section Committees 
Secretary Andrew Bunnell
Tournament No Nomination
Championship No Nomination
Match No Nomination
Saturday Pennant (5 positions) Jeff Parker, Mark Walker,
3 more nominations are required
Mid Week Pennant (5 Positions) David Bond*, Judy Turner, Terry Ephstein, Gary Wastell, Pat Thompson, Ted Tratt
An election is required

Current Incumbent *
Second Year of 2 year appointment **

We will advise the format and timing of the AGM and the method for voting on any contested positions as soon as a decision is made.