Ethan Mills and Carol Klooster, our 2022 Singles Champions.

Club Singles Championship 2022

The club singles championship games were played last night – 24/2/22 in beautiful conditions.

The Women’s Championship was played between Carol Klooster and Annie Jones and the Men’s between Ethan Mills and Josh McQueen.

Annie Jones (L) and Carol Klooster (R) stand with marker, Jean Fothergill

Josh McQueen (L) and Ethan Mills (R)

Both matches were hard fought and played in great spirit.

The Women’s match was very close with the lead changing on a number of occasions. Some great heads were played with both players almost taking turns to win each end.

Carol started to gain the ascendancy when she picked up a large score to put some space between herself and Annie.

Annie was not to be outdone, and continued to fight hard to regain ground. Carol however was not to be outdone, continuing her great form from the Pennant Season and running out the eventual winner 26 to 18.

The Men’s match was an equally hard fought match between two well matched opponents in Josh and Ethan.

As with the Ladies match this was a tight tussle with single shots deciding the outcome of most oft the ends throughout the first 3/4 of the match with only the occasional multiple scored.

As the sun set Ethan managed to tighten his hold and outscore Josh on a few consecutive ends eventually running out the winner 25 – 19.

Our thanks go out once again to Ray Findlay and his team for their outstanding running of all of the championship events in what has proven to be a difficult year as we continue to deal with the affects of Covid.

Thanks also to our Markers for the evening Jean Fothergill and John Rich and our Umpire Pat Thompson.

For those who’d like to relive some of the action, a link to the second part of the livestream of the Men’s match is available at the bottom of this post.

Our 2022 Singles Champions

Ethan Mills and Carol Klooster, our 2022 Singles Champions.

A live stream of the second ½ of the men’s match is available below