Club Championship News

Our Championships coordinator (Ray Findlay) and Bowls Chair (John Rich) have compiled the schedule for Club Championship events for the 2021-22 season and the Club Championship page is updated.

As with the previous season, there is no charge for entry into the Club Championships and we would like to encourage every playing member to consider entering into these events throughout the season.

There are great benefits in taking part in Club Championships.

  • Improve your skills as an individual and a member of a team
  • Play with and against members that you may not ordinarily meet in Social or Pennant play
  • Play different formats that aren’t usually available in day to day events
  • Get your name in “lights” on the club Honour Board
  • Many of the Championship formats offer the winner the opportunity to go on to represent the club at Regional or even State and National levels

We would like to stress to all members that our schedule of events is very much subject to change as we continue to navigate through this Covid affected world.

Please note that Club Championship events are only available to financial members of the club.

We would like to remind all members who may not yet have made their membership payment, that last date for payments is the 4th of September.

The first events this season are the Proportional 100 Up for both Women and Men. There is an entry form available on the Club Championship page, cutoff for entries is the 7th of September. So why not tune up your game in preparation for the upcoming Pennant Season, and email an entry in.

See the Championship Page for more details.