Pennant, Saturday

Saturday Pennant – Round 2

Saturday Pennant began last week with mixed results. Berwick sides had three wins and six losses in round one, so there’s scope for improvement.

The forecast for today is a maximum of 19 with a slight chance of morning showers and light winds in the mid afternoon. We won’t be able to grizzle about the weather too much then!

Todays Matches at home:

  • Berwick 2 vs Mordialloc 1
  • Berwick 4 vs Cranbourne RSL 1
  • Berwick 5 vs Hampton Park 2
  • Berwick 7 vs Churchill Park Wav Golf 2
  • Berwick 9 vs Cranbourne 5

Away Matches:

  • Berwick 1 vs Keysborough 1
  • Berwick 3 vs Bentleigh 2
  • Berwick 6 vs Glen Waverley 4
  • Berwick 8 vs Dandenong Club 4

Remember “the only constant in life is change”, please check the selection board and make sure you’re not affected.