Pennant, Saturday

Saturday Pennant Report Card and Round 14 Preview

With 13 rounds played and only 5 rounds to go, this week’s preview takes on a season report card feel.

Side 1 – D

Currently sitting in 10thplace the 1stside hasn’t had a great season so far, with only 3 wins and relegation seems the most likely outcome from the season.

The last five rounds start with a home game against Mulgrave Country Club 1. When they met in Round 5, the 1’s were defeated by 49 shots, with all four rinks down. There’s been plenty of passion on the green though and the 1’s will not be lying down during the next 5 weeks. There’re some tough games to play with the ladder leaders all in the fixture.

Side 2 – B

With 7 wins and 6 losses the 2’s are sitting in 4thplace, and stand a fair chance of making a finals appearance this season.

The push to finals begins with an away game against Beaumaris 1. When they met in Round 5, the 2’s pushed Beaumaris to narrowly lose by 10 shots with 2 rinks up and 2 down. This time it’s away at Beauy, and the 2’s will be eying off a win to consolidate their finals aspirations. They’ve got a tough draw in the last few rounds with the top 3 sides to play

Side 3 – B

Like the 2’s, the 3’s have 7 wins and 6 losses, are sitting in 4thspot and looking to make finals.

They start the final 5 with Cranbourne 1 at Home. Last time they met at Cranny the 3’s got 2 rinks up but failed to grab the win by 8 shots. They’ll be looking to account for 6thplaced Cranbourne on Saturday. With a slightly softer final 5 than the top two sides the 3’s stand a great chance of a finals berth this year.

Side 4 – B+

With four wins on the trot, the 4’s are in 3rdspot and in a good position to go deep into the finals. It’d be great to finish “top 2” and get a side back into Division 3, and there are two chances this year.

The 4’s have got to face the top two sides in their section but they can use these matches as finals. Before then, they meet 4thplaced Ashburton who grabbed a 3-point win over the Wickers in round 5. This time it’s at our place and if they are to “go deep” a win this week is essential.

Side 5 – A

The 5’s are making a very strong play for a home final, sitting in 2ndspot with 8 wins from their last 9 matches. Who knows we could end up with 2 sides in Division 3.

The run home starts with Parkdale 2 at Parkdale. When they met in Round 5 the Fives accounted for Parkdale by 55 Shots, they’ll be looking to make it two from two for the rest of the season, having beaten all 5 of their remaining opponents in the earlier rounds.

Side 6 – A+

With 11 wins from 13 rounds, the Sixth side has performed very well this season. A very strong candidate for a home finals appearance the 6’s will need to stay strong though, as they stumbled last week and gave up Top spot to Dandenong Club 2..

The run home starts with Mulgrave CC 8 at Mulgrave, always a challenge to play at Mulgrave. With only a narrow win last time they met, the Mulgrave side will be looking to take a big scalp to start their own push to finals. The sixes defeated all 5 remaining opponents in the early rounds, but they’ll need to stay focussed and use the coming weeks to toughen their game.

Side 7 – C

The 7’s have had an “up and down” season, with only 1 win from the last four rounds, and this round is a bye.

The remaining matches will be challenging for the 7’s who start the final few rounds from 5thspot, they didn’t play Brighton 3 earlier in the season, lost to Moorabbin and Cheltenham at home and accounted for Clayton pretty comfortably away in round 9. The 7’s can make a finals berth but they need to post wins from round 15 on if that’s to happen.

Side 8 – C-

With only 4 wins for the season the 8’s, 7thposition, spot is a little flattering, helped out by a couple of byes and a washout in round 3.

The run home isn’t easy for the 8’s and starts with old rivals Pakenham 4 at home on Saturday. Paky posted an emphatic win in round 5, but they’ve got to play at our place on Saturday and the home greens will be much more to Berwick’s liking. Finals look like a tough ask, but they can make it.

Side 9 – C-

Only 4 wins so far this season, but somehow the 9’s are in 5thspot but finals are a very long stretch away with 4thplaced Dandenong RSL Rec 1 a massive 54 points in front of Berwick.

The last rounds start with Cranbourne 4 who’re sitting in 3rdspot with 9 wins. All the matches from here on are pretty challenging for the nines and the most likely result from Season 18/19 will be to stay in Division 7.

Lets finish strong Wickers. Good bowling to everyone.