Roof Update – August 25th

Walkers around Berwick might have noticed some changes up at the club over recent days. The changes caught the eye of one of our number earlier in the week.

Temporary fencing now surrounds green 3.

A detour down Michael Court revealed that temporary fencing now surrounds the green 3 area in preparation for ground works to commence on August 30th.

An update from MakMax Australia, the construction company engaged to conduct the works, was provided today by Bowls Chair , John Rich.

“…the footings survey was completed on Monday (23/8) and the footing construction and trenching is scheduled to start this coming Monday 30/8. MakMax is scheduling completion 10-15 December, with probable council handover soon after.”

We will keep everyone abreast of news as it comes to hand. If you happen to be out taking your exercise near Michael Court don’t forget to take a picture or two and send them through to and we will share them with the rest of the membership.