General Info and Administration

Opening Day – Tomorrow

Opening Day for the 2019-20 season on tomorrow.

Club Uniform is required for the day.

The programme of events is:

11.45: Members and Guests to arrive

Noon: Welcome to members and guests

Lunch (Chicken and Salad and sweets)

1.00: Official Opening of Season

1.15: Photograph of all club members on Green 4

1.20: Ceremonial Roll of Jack and Bowl – Peter Hodgson and Jean Fothergill

1.30: Game to commence – (1 game of 15 ends/fours) teams selected by Selectors

3.15: Afternoon Tea and Conclusion of the day

Karyn Mackie and Jean Fothergill – Women’s Singles Finalists

John Horwood and Peter Hodgson – Men’s Singles Finalists