JJ’s Weekly News – 11/2

Club Championships

Men’s Handicap Singles

Final – This Thursday 14th February commencing at 5.00pm between Morry Jones and Bob Gladman

Enquiries: Jeff Parker, Jim Weir

Mixed Pairs

Next Round – Round 3 Sunday 24th February 10.00am with the Semi Finals also Sunday 24th February commencing at 1.30pm.

Enquiries: Ray Findlay, Rob McGrath

Men’s Proportional 100 Up

Next round – Sunday 17th February 10.00am, with the Semi Finals at 1.30pm

Enquiries Bruce Shearer, David Bond

Women’s Proportional 100 Up

Semi-finals Sunday 17th February 10.00am.

Enquiries Bruce Shearer, David Bond

Open Fours

Entry forms are now available on the Website and on the Notice board at the Club. 1st Round Sunday 31st March. At this stage we have received just 2 entries so if you want the event to go ahead, get your entry in – Closing date 6th March

Enquiries: Kerry Prescott, Keith Fox

Open Novice Singles

Eligible players have been contacted and a meeting of those players will be held Sunday 17th February 10.00 am.

Enquiries: Jeff Janetzki

Eastern Ranges Bowls Region

Women’s Only Post Pennant Tournament:

If the women members of the Club wish to participate in the event, you need lodge your expression of interest on the list on the Notice board.

At this stage we have received insufficient entries to be able to field a side, so this your last chance – closing date: Wednesday 13th February.

Enquiries: Jeff Janetzki


Open Pairs

Entries are now being taken for the Open Pairs being conducted on Saturday 13th April 2019.

It is very pleasing to advise that the level of entries is good, but there are vacancies.

Enquiries Allen Fary -Entry forms on the Slopes


Sessions available:

1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 10.00am,

Every Thursday from 12.30pm

Personal coaching sessions can be arranged with individual coaches.


Mid Week Pennant

Round 16 Tuesday 12th February,

Round 17 – Tuesday 19th February

The end of Season Celebration Dinner for Mid Week Pennant players is to be held at Zagames on 26th February. Members wishing to attend need to get their names down on the list on the Notice board.

Saturday Pennant

Round 16 Saturday 16th February.  Also: Bankers on the day.

For Saturday Pennant players and Bankers: “End of Season” celebration – Saturday March 2nd.The Club will provide some refreshments at the club at conclusion of play on the day.

Last Four Rounds Selection

Your Selectors are entering a period where their task is made even more difficult by the need to ensure that we comply with the B/V Pennant rules around qualification of players for pre-finals matches and the Finals series.

There will be some changes of personnel, that on the surface are not easily understood.

If you require an explanation, please approach a Selector with consideration for the situation which they must accommodate.

Corporate Challenge

The annual event continues this Monday 11th February at 6.00pm, with more on Monday 18th February.

Enquiries: Tony Wynen

Major Development Works for our Club

Your attention is drawn to the email sent by Chairman of The Board Ed Wilson seeking your support of the club by way of completing the Petition which is on the Website. Please support the club in its endeavours to obtain additional funding to develop our facilities.

Enquiries: Ed Wilson, Rob Licqurish, Jeff Janetzki

Bowls Victoria (BV)

Board of Directors

Applications are being called for affiliated male bowlers to nominate for vacancies on the Board of Directors for Bowls Victoria.

If anyone has any interest in these positions, please contact Jeff Janetzki for details.

Metro Pennant Management

BV has also advised that there will be a new Management Structure for Metropolitan Pennant commencing May 1, 2019.

You will shortly be receiving an email providing some detail about the new structure and your opportunities to play a major part in the new structure

Affiliated bowlers can lodge an expression of interest to become part of the Metropolitan Pennant Executive and the Metropolitan Pennant Working Group.

BV have also announced some changes to the conduct of Pennant for seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Most notable change is that season 2020/21 will commence in November 2020, but that detail is still to be determined. More details are on the email that will be issued shortly.

Enquiries: Jeff Janetzki