Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

Green 3 – Now Open

We are pleased to announce that our new surface on Green 3 is now open for play.

There are some finishing touches required to install rink pegs and complete the line-markings.


There are only 4 rinks available for now.

This means only 8 people at any 1 time are permitted on Green 3. Playing two per rink

Green 4 can accommodate 10 people under the current COVID restrictions. Playing two per rink

We will advise as soon as possible when the extra rink on green 3 will be available.

Please visit the Covid-19 page and make sure you are aware of the current conditions of play before visiting the club.

The club would like to take the opportunity to thank Casey Council and Berry Bowling Systems for the work on the green.

You will all be very happy with what they have given us.  Enjoy the new green everyone.

John Rich
Chair, Bowls Section