Grass Greens will close for the winter.

This Wednesday, the 1st of June, is the final day for play on the grass greens until further notice.

The grass greens require some rest and maintenance over the coming weeks and will need to close until August.

Green 4 is the only green currently open for practice, coaching and social play from Thursday onwards.

The format of Social Bowls events on Wednesday and Saturday may change to accommodate the number of people registering for a game.  Match Committee responsible for the two events will advise of any changes necessary.

To be sure of getting a game:

  • Put your entry on the list on the slope
  • Write your entry clearly and neatly, if you make a mistake put a line through and write your entry on the next available line.
  • If you need to change your entry, put a line through the old entry and write your new entry on the next available line.
  • Put Single entries in the appropriate area, on the bottom of the sheet.

The match committees will do their best to accommodate late entries, but a game cannot be guaranteed.