Dumping your delivery? Time to take action!

Not everyone’s delivery is smooth as silk.


Of course you all know that not only does “dumping” of bowls lead to inconsistent bowling, it also does damage to our greens.

This is even more important now that we have a new carpet green which if damaged by “dumping” of bowls, will cost a substantial amount of money to repair (and it potentially impacts on the warranty should other damage occur).

This doesn’t only apply to the new green, for dumpers do cause damage to grass greens, which in some cases can be repaired, although not without inconvenience or some cost to the club

So, for any of our members who do have a tendency to dump their bowl, now is the time to make some changes to your delivery.

You have two choices, and both solutions are available within the club at no initial cost and only require your commitment.

You can see a club coach and make some adjustments to your delivery and that will not cost anything but your time and commitment. Or you can start using a bowling a “Bowlers Arm”. The club has purchased several “Bowlers Arms’ that members can use on a trial basis and you can receive expert tuition on their use from a club coach, and Andrew Johnson specializes in that form of delivery. Of course if you take the option of going to a Bowlers Arm, there will be a cost by way of purchase of an “arm” but by using club supplied arms in a trial, you can make an informed choice. Their is a third choice, but that is one that we would hope that is not necessary for we want everyone out on the greens.

The responsibility is yours. If you dump your bowl, make some changes now.

If you do not take action, at the very least you may receive a letter from the Committee expressing a concern with your delivery and the damage that it may be causing. But please do not be offended by receiving such a letter. It will have been delivered with the best intent for we want everyone to continue to enjoy their game and our greens.

Jeff Janetzki

Chairman Bowls