Club is Open for limited use

We have received advice from council that we can re open the greens as of now subject to following guidelines

  1. Sign in using the QR Code.  This is now set up that once you have put your information in you will not be required to do it every time but will only be required to scan the code.  Much quicker than our last QR Code.
  2. 50 people allowed on Greens 3 & 4.  No more than 10 per rink. Greens 1 & 2 are closed.
  3. Sanitise mats and jacks using the spray bottle provided on the side of the mats/jacks box before starting and when finishing your rollup.
  5. All members and non members using our facility MUST wear a face mask indoors and outdoors and whilst bowling.  You may lower your mask when in the action of bowling but return it over your face once completed.
  6. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home.
Please adhere to the rules, it’s inconvenient and sometimes annoying but this is what we have at the moment so please ensure you follow these rules.
Further information will be forwarded to members in regards to the clubhouse and it’s use.
Board of Management