Club Championship Finalists 2018-19

Here are the results of all events

Men’s  Singles Championship

Peter Hodgson,  R/Up John Horwood

Women’s Singles Championship

Jean Fothergill,   R/up Karyn Mackie

Club Pairs – Women

Pat Thompson, Joan Heggart (s),  R/up Jean Fothergill, Lois Adams s)

Club Pairs –  Men

Trevor Norton, Trevor Tormey (s),   R/Up Tony French, John Horwood (s)

Open Fours

Jeff Parker (S), Darren Bellingham, Jacqui Saunders and Laurie Edwards,    R/Up Rob McGrath (s) Fred Black, Michael Black and Brian McWatters (Sub for Rod Beevors)

Open Minor Singles

Morry Jones,   R/Up Stephen Wakeman

Open Mixed Pairs

Val Fowler, Colin Glassenbury (s),   R/up Lois Adams, Graeme Manifold (s)

Women’s Proportional 100 Up

Karyn Mackie,   R/Up Avril Steere

Men’s Proportional 100 Up

David Bond,   R/Up Peter Artaud

Men’s Handicap Singles

Bob Gladman,   R/Up Morry Jones

Open Novice Singles

Vince Miceli, R/Up Steve Piper

Women’s Handicap Singles, Men’s and Women’s Handicap Triples : Not held due to insufficient entries