Pennant, Sponsorship

Best Rink Sponsorship season 2019-20

The support our sponsors provide is very important.

Two of our long term supporting sponsors are getting behind the Berwick Bowling Club again this year.

Beacy Charcoal Chicken and Johnny Boys Pizza

are supplying the best winning rink in a nominated pennant side with a voucher for each player.

Midweek Sides will enjoy juicy charcoal cooked chicken

Saturday Sides will enjoy a delicious pizza

Beacy Charcoal Chicken are also giving away a voucher throughout the season at Happy Hour.

These are local businesses who continue to support our local club & we have the opportunity to acknowledge that by returning the support & letting them know.

So please take grab your next feast from the businesses that support the Berwick Bowls Club

Sponsors – A driving force behind our club.