A Message from The Board of Management 24-3-20


  1. CORONAVIRUS: We have previously issued advice’s in respect to actions required to be taken to address the situations resulting from the Coronavirus and we thank all members for their cooperation in accepting those steps taken.

However we are now forced to take additional steps as a result of the necessary requirements announced by State and Federal Governments and City of Casey, and in some cases confirmed by recommendations made by Bowls Victoria and Bowls Australia.

Accordingly, effective immediately the following will apply

  1. GREENS – OPEN with CONDITIONS: We encourage all members to keep active and maintain contact with members, but members must adopt health and safety practices that are now promoted.
    1. Members may have a roll-up, but the requirement is that on any one rink, no more than 4 bowlers are to participate, and then effectively playing as Pairs. i.e. No more than 2 bowlers at each end, and always adhering to “social distancing” requirements, do not handle other players bowls, no hand shakes or “high fives!”etc.
    2. There must be one rink kept vacant between each group. We will endeavour to maintain at least one grass green and Green 4 in operation, and by doing so, we will be able to have up to 32 players on the green at any one time.
    3. This should be sufficient to accommodate our practice requirements, but if the number looks like exceeding that number we do ask that members consider others and keep practice times to a time where everyone can get on the green.
    4. For the foreseeable future, there will not be any organised Bowls events.
  2. CLUBHOUSE – IS CLOSED – it will not be open except for those members who have keys to the clubhouse and are required to undertake any essential work inside the clubhouse. Should members wish to get together socially, then there are plenty of seats outside the clubhouse, bearing in mind the need to exercise “social distancing etc” and comply with all health and safety measures that are widely broadcast.
  3. BAR – IS CLOSED, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is anyone permitted to bring alcohol onto the premises. This is a condition of our Licence and any breach of that rule may result in the Club losing their Liquor Licence and may also result in the kitchen being closed, as this forms part of the Licensing requirements.

Members should be fully aware of the health and safety requirements, so we will not be restating these. But please take notice that should any member or group of members act in violation of these requirements and our announced actions, then we will have no option but to close down our entire facilities. We are confident that this situation will not arise, but it is entirely up to you.


  1. Paid Coach. The club has now formally commenced the search for a Director of Coaching and an advertisement has been placed on the BV Website, with closing date for applications 22nd The team established to undertake this search and to recommend to the Board a Director of Coaching comprises of Ed Wilson, John Rich, Peter Hodgson and Jeff Janetzki. We anticipate having a Director of Coaching in place by late Winter, and hopefully we will be back on the green well in time to tune up for the new pennant season that this year will commence in November, all being well!
  2. Green 3/Roof – a significant amount of work is going on behind the scenes but at this stage we are not able to advise of any firm decision as we are still having discussion with Casey Council, Sports Commission and Federal Government. The circumstances of the demise of the City of Casey Council, and the negative financial and social impact of the Coronavirus is causing us to have to fully re-evaluate our previous decisions. But decisions will need to be made shortly, and as soon as possible these decisions will be revealed to members.
  3. Annual Fees – you will shortly receive an Invoice for your Annual Subscriptions, and we are pleased to announce that there are no increases for current members in our fees for the year ahead. There is a small increase in fees applicable to “First Year Full members” in order that we can meet our costs. In these challenging times, Our Club needs your continued support to survive the very difficult and challenging environment in which we currently find ourselves and we ask that you make payment of the fees in accordance with the directions detailed on the Invoice, e. after 1st April and before end of April
  4. Elections and AGM – It is almost certain that we will not be able to conduct our AGM at the scheduled time (18th May), therefore we are working on some alternative measures to ensure that the club continues to operate in the most democratic manner. As we work through some of these issues we will endeavour to keep you informed.

The Board wishes to express their appreciation for your continued understanding and co-operation at this time, and should you wish to discuss any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact any Board member.

Trevor Fry


Board of Management

Berwick Bowling Club

24th March 2020