Midweek, Pennant, Saturday

2021/22 Pennant News


We hope you are all well, and you are looking forward to our upcoming season.  Over the past month we have been busy organising things behind the scenes and can now announce our selection committees


The weekend selection committee met last week and have voted that Karen Mackie will be the selection chair for next season.
This is probably the first time we have had a female selection chair in open pennant and I will also be helping Karen in the role throughout the year and supporting her along the way.
Karen is passionate about BBC and bowls in general so get behind her and show her your support.
The other selection committee members are:
  • John Rich,
  • Roy Down,
  • Rob McGrath and
  • John Arboit.

This group also continues with familiarity from last seasons committee which made great improvements and will continue to do so this season.


The midweek committee have also met and voted Richard Benning as the selection chair.
David Bond will stay on to help Richard and the group along the way which is great of Dave to do.  Other members are:
  • Gary Wastell,
  • Pat Thompson,
  • Malcolm Garner and
  • Ted Tratt.
We will have 4 midweek sides and a 6 a side, weekend will continue as it was last year with 7 sides and we will again have 2 Thursday sides.
If you haven’t advised of your availability please do so asap.


Peter Hodgson is working hard behind the scenes putting together some coaching sessions, drills and the like that will be inviting players to participate leading up to pennant season.  Similar to that done a couple of years back with Jeff Janetzki.
A reminder to everyone that if you are practicing, practice with purpose.  If you need help with drills and ideas there are plenty of coaches available and alot of drills that you can do rather than just rolling 4 bowls up and down the green.
Hopefully COVID will be kind to us in the coming months and we can continue bowling in a normal capacity.  If you have any questions or would like to chat feel free to give us a call at anytime.
John Rich
Bowls Committee Chair