Singles Championships for Season 2018-19 decided

The club Singles Championships were decided last evening.


The Men’s finalists were John Horwood and Peter Hodgson.

Peter got off to a good start with John having some difficulty in judging the speed of the green. Peter lead 22 shots to 9 when John found his mojo and started to put some pressue back onto Peter.

John was able to comeback to 15 shots while Peter was stranded on 22,  but the damage was done, and Peter eventually ran out the victor with 25 shots to John’s 15.


The Women’s final was played by Jean Fothergill and Karyn Mackie.

Similarly to the men, Jean built a significant lead before Karyn found her range and began to come back from 10 shots down. Jean was stranded on 23 shots for 6 or 7 ends while Karyn scored 11 shots to Jean’s 1. Karyn never gave up through the latter stages and both played some excellent shots. Jean eventually ran out the winner 26 shots to 21, in a hard fought finish.


The Minor Championship finalists were Morry Jones and Stephen Wakeman.

The start to this one was pretty even for the first few ends, with Morry taking control just before 6:00pm and by 6:30 Morry was leading 18 shots to 9. In the next 1/2 hour, Stephen fought back and by 7:15 he had taken a 1 shot lead. The final few ends were, were a see-sawing battle with both players having the chance of a win. Morry was eventually victorious 26/22.

Some more images from the day are available here