Orange Bowl on the Jack
Pennant, Saturday

Saturday Pennant Round 9 Preview

Round 9 is the first of a Double Header round for Saturday Pennant. The weather promises to be much milder than yesterday and with a shower forcast, it seems that the promise of summer from last week is not going to be fulfilled.

Side 1 has already played against Croydon 1 last night – the result of this match is unknown at the time of writing.

The remaining Round 9 matchups are:

Side 2 (6th) V Brighton 1 (2nd) at Home.

This is a strong opposition. Brighton have lost only one match during the season so far and are coming off a win last round. The 2’s season has been tough with 3 wins and 5 losses, this will be another tough assignment.

Side 3 (6th) V Mulgrave CC 3 (10th) Away.

This is a danger game for the 3’s. Mulgrave are coming off a win last round and will be looking to build on their success. The 3’s will want to reverse their recent form and get back on the winners list.

Side 4 (3rd) V Chadstone 1 (1st) at Home.

Chadstone are undefeated so far this season. The 4’s had a very strong start to the season but have posted a couple of losses in the past weeks. A win here would be a great way to set the scene for the 2nd half of the season.

Side 5 (2nd) V Noble Park 2 (10th) Away.

The 5’s are going strong this season and will be looking to finish the first ½ of the season with their 7th win. Every bowl counts though and the 5’s mustn’t be complacent today.

Side 6 (1st) V Churchill Waverley Golf 2 (4th) at Home.

This is the match of the day. Side 6 have had a great season so far with 5 wins in a row and 7 in total they go into today’s match as favourite. Churchill have had a pretty good year too though and this is by no means a “lay down mesère”.

Side 7 (3rd) V Clayton 4 (8th) Away.

Both sides are coming off a loss last round and will want to finish the first ½ of the season off strongly. The 7’s have had a mixed season so far and they haven’t been on the podium since round 4 and will want to reverse their recent form to post a win.

Side 8 (7th) V Glen Waverley 5 (9th) Away.

Both sides go into this round having posted 2 wins for the season, this will be a closely fought game. The home ground advantage goes to Glen Waverley, but the 8’s have the opportunity to bring home a much needed win today.

Side 9 – Forfiet due to lack of available players

We wish everyone, good luck and good bowling today, and tomorrow.