Update on Proposed Changes for Pennant Competition 29/1


An advice has been received from Bowls Victoria relating to Proposed Changes for the 2018/19 SATURDAY Pennant Season.

It should be noted that these changes are "proposed", and as yet no decision has been made by the Board of BV and they are seeking constructive feedback to enable them to make a decision at a BV Board meeting some time late February.

We have been invited to provide our feedback/comments on these proposed changes and to enable us to respond in a manner that reflects our member's views we seek your input.

If you wish to participate, please email these to Jeff Janetzki at email "jeffjanetzki@gmail.com" by 15th January 2018.

To assist us in collating the feedback, please keep your comments brief, supporting the proposals, or if having a contrary view, preferably offering alternatives to what has been proposed, rather than just "not liking the changes".

The Bowls Committee will collate the responses and on forward to BV as requested.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Janetzki

Jeff Janetzki

Chair Bowls


Document link here


BBC have sent our response to Bowls Victoria a copy of our response is available HERE