Australia Day Skins Tournament – 2019

Australia Day Skins – Fills three greens

The annual Australia Day Skins tournament was a great success today with 48 Sides playing 3 bowl pairs in a two end skins format.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the day, including the afternoon tea makers, tournament organisers John and Gary, D.J. Karyn and Josie from Travelling Jack.

Huge thanks to the participants who joined in the day from 12+ clubs around the Melbourne Metro and Gippsland areas.

A great day was had by all, with the final results seeing the Prize money shared amongst the three greens winners.

Trevor Tormey and Trevor Norton – two of our equal winners today

Lucas Protopapas and Ceejay Snary, another of our equal winners today.

Family duo, Tom Livinstone and Lockie Livingston. Equal winners of the Australia Day Skins.

John Majkut and Gary Wastell, our tournament organisers, trying to control the day’s emcee Keith Fox.